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Our purpose is influence people to overcome their cliffs through outdoor experiences. As an ambassador you will have the opportunity to represent our brand and all that it stands for. We are a team of explorers who make apparel and equipment for anyone with a mission. When representing our merchandise, we want YOU to feel like you have no limits; that being said, it is important as an ambassador spread that message to your friends, family and followers. Your social media content will be an important factor during your time as an ambassador. The amount of traffic and sales you bring to the site will determine your reward. Think you have what it takes?

Our team recognizes quality content and leadership. Simply sign up for the Join The Climb newsletter and send an email to We will review your profile and give a quick interview before giving you further details. 

Check out the shots from some of our best ambassadors.




We're all on a mission to the top! Don't stop till you get to the top!


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