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In the state of the Texas there many beautiful cities, San Marcos is one of them. San Marcos offers great weather with 275 certified days of sunshine in a year along with several historical sights and roots. The 36th president of the United States was from San Marcos. To add to the cities rich and lush history are archeological findings of Indian relics that can be traced back by 12,000 years. Most of their sights are affordable and easily accessible with good hotels and motels renting as low as 46 dollars a night. If you're thinking about taking a vacation and you don't know where to go, give San Marcos a chance. You won't regret it. This city has several sights, many of which are parks. We will be taking a look at some of them;


1. Wonder Cave 

This cave provides entertainment for the entire family. With the presence of the Wonder World theme park. You get to go on exploring featured tours in a real cave and when you're done you can enjoy the harmless fun the theme park has to offer, one of which is an anti-gravity house. There is also a wildlife park where you'll be privileged to witness nature’s work.


2. Rio Vista Park

With 14 acres of green space, this park has so much to offer. It has a wheelchair accessible entrance because it is truly home to all. This city park has picnic areas for eating, a swimming pool to splash around and have fun, several sport courts to mess around on and many adventurous hiking trails to explore. Who knows you might discover something.


3. Sewell Park

Adding to the outdoor fun is the Sewell park along the university road. It is a top hanging out spot for the University students who go there to hang out and unwind. The air at the Sewell park is extra fresh because it is beside a river, you get to relax in the arms of nature as the sweet sounds of the Earth bleed all forms of tension away. There are volleyball courts, picnic areas to eat and also places to swim. This wonderful park is accessible by wheelchair. Come and have some outdoor fun and relaxation.


4. Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos

The importance of art is inexhaustible. Art has shaped societies, lives and it is only natural that we celebrate it. This museum celebrates Hispanic art, culture and heritage. With a library, art gallery as well as the main museum, you will be going on a journey and seeing how art has changed, evolved and influenced different lives. It will be a fun and educational trip for all types of people, expanding  your mind and enabling you to see what art means to the individual Hispanics. This location is also accessible by wheelchair.



San Marcos offers physical and mental adventures. There are several biking/hiking trails as well as museums focusing on different people and movement. There is a museum for the 36th President of the US, Lyndon B. Johnson. There are several archaic buildings that date as far back as the early 20th century still standing as well as the student life in the area. One thing is for sure, a trip to San Marcos is going to be fun, eye-opening and relaxing. The very combination you need.

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