San Marcos Exploring Sites

San Marcos is filled with tons of areas that are perfect for fishing, camping, hiking even sight seeing. Our team of local photographers have ventured through these areas giving you the best look and insight to some of San Marcos's best outdoor activities. Stay tuned and see pictures first by joining the climb at the bottom of the page. New locations will be added as we continue our journey. Get a picture in these spots with one of our items, for a chance to win discounts and prizes! #RockYourCliff


Aquarena Springs (Hidden River)

Uhland Road / Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, TX


(Get A picture in this area and send to for a 50% off any item discount code).



This location is right at the end of Aquarena springs Dr and River Rd. Once you arrive at the giant log, hop over and walk straight past the dry field of rocks and continue into the trees until you see the beginning of the river. This place is great for picnics and campfires, The stone filled ground allows you to roam in open toed shoes while you cool your feet in the extremely low river stream. Our team typically roams to this area, happen to stumble on us, you get a Free Shirt! 

Recommended materials:


Bug spray

close-toed water shoes

Blankets / Chairs

Cooler + Drinks

Best weather during (March - July)







The Woods

River Road, San Marcos, TX 

(Send a picture of this spot for a free Blakcliff / Yeti Drink Cooler)


 River Road at The Woods is a great place to go for any gathering. This area is covered with great fishing locations as well as a shaded picnic areas. You will also find great spots across the river for swimming or floating. River Road will lead you to a trail that you are able to walk, run, bike, or board on. The Woods are located on 650 River Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666. Get outside and take advantage of the day! #RockYourCliff


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