The Guys

Blakcliff was founded in San Marcos, Texas by Brock Freeman and Tipsy Philip in March 2017. They had met in the outdoors club while attending Texas State University and had an idea to create a brand for explorers of all kind.



Brock Freeman (20)     


CEO / Founder

Brock was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. He lived in Lubbock for 15 years until he moved to San Marcos in August 2016. For years he explored many different locations and lifestyles trying to figure out the direction of his life. Brock had always been an explorer; someone who embraced anything new in order to learn more about it. After many ventures and experiences he felt that the outdoors were his setting. His first month at Texas State he met his best friend and partner Tipsy Philip in a local outdoor club meeting. After days of discussion, they had finally decided to create a brand... For Explorers. Explorers meaning anyone willing to take on and overcome any challenge or journey that is to come in the future. Blakcliff was created to influence people to overcome their cliffs through exploration. "Don't Stop 'Till You Get To The Top" Our designs are inspired by the outdoors, our products are built for them.  #RockYourCliff



Tipsy Philip (25)


CEO / Founder

His roots began humbly in the proud city of Fort Worth, Texas. Home of cowboys and culture. As a kid he always enjoyed living an active lifestyle of traveling and exploring that led him to many adventures and experiences. After attending TCU for theatre and film he realized that his passion for entertaining should come to a halt, something bigger was calling his name. He transferred to Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas with the urge to explore. Exploring meant more than just finding a cool place, it was about finding himself through experiences only nature and art could give him, "you should use the outdoors and nature as a catalyst to help you explore your mind, body, and spirit to enhance your way of perceiving the world in all its beauty". After meeting Brock at a local gathering the two friends knew their paths had crossed for a reason and immediately became great friends. Their like minds about nature, art, and exploration led them to become inseparable. After many conversations about clothing, Brock approached Tipsy with the name Blakcliff, after realizing the true meaning behind what it meant, the two knew that their purpose was to inspire people to explore, build meaningful relationships to those without a voice, and to create the best products for people who look at nature in an artistic way.



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