"Joshua Tree" Long Sleeve

Product image 1"Joshua Tree" Long Sleeve
Product image 2"Joshua Tree" Long Sleeve
Product image 3"Joshua Tree" Long Sleeve
Product image 4"Joshua Tree" Long Sleeve
Product image 5"Joshua Tree" Long Sleeve

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The Joshua Tree design was originally created with the intention of presenting the eccentric beauty found at Joshua Tree National Park in California. The choice of colors was used to depict the bold sunsets that stretch over the desert landscapes, while black ink created a portrait of the park’s namesake inhabitant, the Joshua Tree. Combining simplicity and vivid pigmentation, using black pens and markers, the Joshua Tree piece was formed into existence.” -Gracie Fehr


Our newest addition to our latest series the Art Collection. The Art Collection was created to give artists around the world a platform to push their ideas and creations. Artists receive 10% of the profits from each T-shirt sold. 



  • 100% Soft-spun Cotton
  • Side-seamed
  • Custom Art Collection Label
  • Crafted For Explorers


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